Livestock Bedding Equipment

Sigma Straw Blower

  1. -Live floor with integrated hydraulic motors

  2. -Weight (1230 kg) and optimized visibility and offset

  3. -Driven by a hydraulic motors, no gear box

  4. -Bolted blades on the turbine

  5. -Automatic regulation of the straw quantity swallowed by the turbine

  6. -260 swivel chute controlled by an in cab joystick. Blowing up to 50 feet, in a 260 degree arc

  7. -Handles all sizes of big square bales and 4 Ft wide round bales

Delta Bale Unroller

Designed for telescopic or front loader, rear and front linkage of tractor, the Delta bale unroller can be used for bedding or feeding.

There are many variations of bale spreaders from very simple models to models that throw the straw or feed up to 5 meters.

Spreaders are made for 4 ft wide bales, dry or sheltered bales are recommended.

Bedding Bucket

Spreads sawdust, wood shavings, chopped straw and sand.

  1. -Width: 1.3 m (51 inch) to 2.2 m (86 inch)

  2. -Volume: 1.1 m3 (38 cu ft) to 1.9 m3 (67 cu ft)

  1. -Good visibility from the cab: compact bucket

  2. -Saves material and time through regulated material distribution

  3. -Animal comfort is improved

  4. -Fast operation and limited maintenance

  1. -Ideal for cleaning cubicles, poultry houses

  2. -Efficient on uneven ground

  3. -Sweeps any site with difficult access

  4. -Left and right sweeping by simple rotation of the brush

Corner Sweep