Bolted Quick-Attach

In stock in most common styles: Euro (Quicke, J-D Global), John Deere old style, Cat, JCB, Manitou, Merlo-Dieci, Carelift, etc. Other designs on available demand.

U-bolt style (medium Duty)

- fits 3 inch & 80 mm square tubes

- uses 8 - 3/4 heavy duty U-bolts

Side plates style (heavy duty)

- uses up to 12 - 5/8 GR 8 NF bolts

Used on:

- manure forks

  1. -working platforms

- square bale grabs (before 2009)

Weld on Quick-Attach

We can manufacture any kind of Quick-Attach brackets

Quick-Attach Converters

To facilitate the switch between different loader attachment styles, Agromec Industries manufactures converters to permit the hook up of non-compatible attachments to a loader, i.e. attaching an old style J-D bucket to a Global equipped loader.

We also make non-standard headstocks for loaders, i.e. JCB on DIECI telehandlers

Consult us for design and pricing details

AGROMEC Quick-Attach and Converters

Sweeping Module


  1. -The bucket easily turns into a sweeper

  2. -Connects / disconnects to any bucket on the market in 2 minutes

  3. -For any type of site: farm yard, silage bunkers, warehouse, potato sheds

Sweeper Bucket

  1. -Sweep and collect in only one passage

  2. -Cleaning of 2500 m2 in 10 minutes

  3. -Collecting capacity up to 1 m3

  4. -New and unique model on the market that also fits onto pallet forks

  1. -Clean roads and edging easily

  2. -Fits to any 4 wheel-drive vehicle

  3. -100% hydraulic

Towed Sweeper

Sweeper Pro

  1. -Reliable: ideal for intensive usage

  2. -Sweeps to 2.50m width

  3. -Entirely controlled from the cab

  4. -Possible to fit on full floating design

  1. -Easy to hitch on 3rd point of tractor

  2. -Economical solution

Orientable Sweeper

Sweeper with Collector

  1. -Sweep and collect in only one passage

  2. -Cleaning of 1200 m2 in 10 minutes

  3. -Collecting capacity up to 300 L

  1. -An economical sweeper to clean both inside and outside applications

  2. -Specially designed for forklift truck

  3. -Sweep and collect 900 m2 in 10 minutes

Global Sweep

Global Sweep

  1. -Cost effectiveness of the forklift truck: only 30s to turn your forklift truck into a sweeper with collector

  2. -Efficiency and outstanding handling

  3. -Reliable, robust and user friendly

  4. -No connection on the forklift truck and no maintenance (100% hydraulic, no belt, no pulley)

All the following models can be viewed by clicking the links below:


  1. -No wheel (no wear cost)

  2. -Patented: hydraulic system to adjust the brush on uneven ground

  3. -Fitted on pallet forks for telescopic handler and front end loader of tractor

  4. -Sizes available    - 2.2 meter width

                               - 2.5 meter width

                               - 2.8 meter width